News Brief: Green Tea Can Help Treat Gum Disease

Green Tea and Oral HealthRecent research conducted at Japan’s Kyushu University and published in the Journal of Periodontology showed that adult test subjects suffering from gum disease who consumed 1-3 cups of green tea every day experienced reduced periodontal pocket depth, reduced attachment loss in the gum tissue, and reduced bleeding when the gums were probed after six month. If you have gingivitis or gum disease, adding unsweetened green tea to your daily routine could significantly diminish the severity of your symptoms.

Your friends at Councill Dental Group suggest enjoying unsweetened or artificially sweetened green tea (which comes in a variety of flavors in your favorite grocery store’s coffee and tea aisle) over ice as a way to cool off and enjoy a healthier smile. Of course, if you prefer hot tea, you can leave out the ice and enjoy sipping a couple mugs of this incredibly healthful beverage daily.