A Dental Checkup And Cleaning With Dr. Councill

smile cypressAs the seasons change and spring cleaning comes to an end, the dentist tends to slip to the back of the mind. Families become more focused on outdoor activities, spending time with relatives, and adventuring on road trips. Although this seems wonderful, your preventive dentistry practices need to remain consistent to reduce the chance of decay and infection. Regular visits to your local dentist in Cypress, TX paired with at-home dental care, increases the chance of maintaining a clean bill of oral health. Dr. Councill explains the importance of dental checkups and cleanings in the article below. 

Your Checkup And Cleaning

Dr. Councill recommends regular visits to the dental office for dental checkups and cleanings. The purpose for these visits is to maintain good oral health and reduce the prevalence of bacteria inside your oral cavity. During a checkup, Dr. Councill will thoroughly examine your mouth, inspecting for signs of decay, infection, and oral cancer. If anything is discovered, or your progress in reversing any specific condition is addressed, you will be given a thorough cleaning. 

A professional hygienist will remove any remaining plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from your teeth surfaces and gumline. In some cases deep cleanings are required to remove sub-gingival plaque buildup. 

The Importance Of C And C

There are over 600 different kinds of microorganism in your mouth, meaning they are constantly searching for a way to multiply and thrive. Specific microorganisms like anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. They tend to accumulate below the plaque and tartar that gradually covers your teeth if oral dental care is not persistent and routine. Thus, the plaque is enabling the process of tooth decay and gum disease. 

While practicing preventive dentistry at home, you will indeed miss specific plaque build up areas in your mouth, and those areas will eventually harbor tartar. The presence of tartar requires a professional cleaning with an ultrasonic instrument to remove the tartar. If plaque and tartar are not controlled, various conditions may arise, causing risk for your oral health and financials. 

About Dr. Councill

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