Can Your Smile Be Straightened without Metal Braces?

Do You Want to Straighten Your Smile?Have you spent years feeling embarrassed by your misaligned smile? Do you avoid selfies and even photos with friends, because you are so ashamed of your smile? Worse, does an overbite or underbite make chewing difficult or uncomfortable? Many adults feel ashamed of their smiles’ misalignment, yet they let the fear of having to wear traditional braces stop them from seeking help. After all, who wants to be the only adult in the office or workplace with a mouth full of visible metal braces? Fortunately, Invisalign treatment makes it possible to address many alignment problems without resorting to metal braces. In fact, it offers a discreet and more comfortable treatment option for those hoping to improve their smiles!

Want a Straighter Smile? Worried About Orthodontia?

If you have postponed orthodontic treatment, in the past, because of embarrassment at the idea of being an adult in pesky metal braces, Invisalign provides a great alternative. Most people know that Invisalign involves wearing clear plastic aligner trays that are more discreet than traditional braces, but what they may not know is that the benefits of choosing Invisalign don’t stop there!

  • Invisalign also allows patients to easily remove the trays during meals, allowing for comfort while chewing, and no fear that broccoli or popcorn will become stuck in a metal bracket.
  • This also makes it possible to clean the teeth more thoroughly during treatment, allowing for better hygiene and often better overall oral health, than compared to traditional orthodontia.
  • Since the trays can be changed out easily, most patients require fewer follow-up trips to the cosmetic dentist, during their treatment, than they would with metal braces and brackets.
  • The plastic trays pose no risk of scratching the sensitive gum tissue, and are more comfortable, in general, for most patients.

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