Why Does My Breath Always Stink?

Avoid Stinky breath with These TIpsDo you find yourself frequently trying to check your breath, because lately, it has been pretty bad most of the time? Have you even been humiliated to have a coworker, friend or loved one point out that your breath has become offensive? If so, your first temptation might be to buy out the nearest store’s supply of chewing gum and breath mints. Unfortunately, these are only temporary fixes to what could be indication of a much larger oral health problem. If you really want to do something effective to combat your chronic bad breath, it’s important to talk to your dentist about what could be to blame for the problem, and more importantly, what dental hygiene steps can be taken to improve your smile’s health and to restore your fresh breath!

What Causes Bad Breath?

In a word, “bacteria” is the primary cause of bad breath. Combined with leftover food particles, bacteria can lead to some noticeably bad breath, and contribute to a bad taste in your mouth, as well. While temporary bad breath after a meal or a cup of coffee, for instance, isn’t cause for concern, if you are frequently suffering from bad breath, the first step is to take alook at your dental hygiene routine. If you are not brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing at least once daily, this could be why. That said, other causes of chronic bad breath can be due to dry mouth (which is a common side effect of certain medications and underlying health conditions), as well as tartar buildup, or even bacteria growth on the surface of the tongue.

Mouthwash or breath mints might be able to provide a temporary fix, but the best solution is to schedule a dental cleaning, which can help toremove more of the bacteria that is likely causing the bad breath. If the gums are part of the problem, a periodontal cleaning may actually be necessary to properly restore the oral health, which can greatly improve your breath!

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