Enjoy the Confidence That Comes from a Seamless Smile Solution

Enjoy the Confidence That Comes from a Seamless Smile SolutionDo you miss the days when your smile looked both natural and beautiful? In fact, have you not been able to smile confidently since you had a metal filling or crown placed several years ago? If so, stop settling where your smile is concerned, and instead talk to your dentist about how a modern restoration like a tooth-colored dental filling or even a porcelain crown could likely help to improve both your comfort and your confidence.

Dental Fillings and Crowns Don’t Have to Be Obvious

While metal fillings and crowns were once common, they are no longer the primary form of restorative treatment. In fact, many dentists recommend alternatives to metal, for a few reasons.

  • Metal generally requires more space, which means that less of a healthy tooth root can be preserved when a metal filling or crown must be placed.
  • Metal conducts relatively high levels of heat, so patients sometimes find metal restorations uncomfortable during meals, or when trying to enjoy hot or cold beverages.
  • Metal is easily spotted, causing insecurity for many people when smiling, particularly if the tooth affected is near the front of the smile.
  • Patients who suffer from metal sensitivities or allergies are not good candidates for metal restorations.

Update an Existing Prostheses

Modern dental restorations are designed to be more natural-looking and also more comfortable than their predecessors. Though there are still occasions in which a dentist might recommend a metal restoration, for the most part the more seamless solutions available are great alternatives to metal.

For instance, tooth-colored fillings made of composite resin are a great way to address most cavities, and porcelain dental crowns are great ways to protect teeth damaged by grinding, chips, cracks, or after root canal therapy to address an infection.

Want a Natural-looking Smile?

Enjoy great-looking and effective restorative treatment, through modern fillings and crowns. To learn more about dental restorations, call Councill Dental Group in Cypress, TX,  today at 281-376-9246.

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