Back to School with Bright Smiles Through Dental Cleanings

Young Smiles Need Preventive DentistryHave your kids’ notebooks been purchased, along with pencils, paper and the other supplies they will need to head back to school, soon? Did you purchase them new uniforms or special outfits, too, so they can head back to school in top style and with great confidence? In their excitement, do the kids even have their backpacks all packed and ready for their first day? It is great to go into a new season prepared for what lies ahead. School supplies are certainly an important part of that, but what about your kids’ smiles? To keep their teeth and gums healthy and looking their best, dental checkups and cleanings are essential! Don’t miss the chance to make sure your kids make great first impressions on their first day of school, with healthy smiles through key preventive care. (more…)

Get Ready for Your Close-up with Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding Can Make You SmileSummer is a great time to spend extra moments with family and friends. Whether you are on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or just laughing together around the barbecue grill, don’t you want to fully enjoy every chance to be with these loved ones? If so, make sure your smile is ready for that close-up time through cosmetic bonding. Bonding is a fast and affordable form of cosmetic treatment, which can help to improve your smile’s beauty just in time for the end of summer break, and so that you are ready to head back into another school year with a smile you can feel proud showing off. (more…)

Is It Time to See a Restorative Dentist?

Time for Restorative Dentistry?Are you worried that you may have developed a dental problem like a cavity, or even an infection? There are actually a number of reasons a person might require restorative dental treatment. From trauma to decay, your smile faces a host of potential threats, which can leave it looking worse for wear, and even lead to discomfort and insecurity. Fortunately, modern restorations are often able to be completed quickly, and can even provide cosmetic benefits, as well as comfort. So if you do have a dental issue, don’t delay treatment for fear of the unknown. Instead, talk to your dentist about the wonderful ways he or she could help improve your oral health and restore your smile! (more…)

Is It Time for Cosmetic Dentistry? Part Two

What Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right for YouIf you know your smile could use improvement, but you’re not sure how to go about enhancing its natural beauty, summer is a great time to schedule an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. Through treatments like bonding, veneers, and sometimes a combination of measures, the dentist could help give you a more beautiful smile. So if you are ready to stop wasting time wishing your smile looked different, talk to a dentist about making those improvements real!


Is It Time for Cosmetic Dentistry? Part One

Is It Time for Cosmetic DentistryHave you grown embarrassed by staining or discoloration of your teeth? Many patients choose to seek cosmetic dentistry because of discolored teeth, but some don’t realize just how many esthetic issues cosmetic dentistry can actually address, or how dramatically a cosmetic dentist can help improve a patient’s smile! From disproportionately-sized teeth, to misshapen ones, and even minor gaps between some teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. So if you’re tired of wishing you could hide your smile, why not talk to a cosmetic dentist about how treatment could help leave you with a smile that is both beautiful and still natural-looking? (more…)

Can You Prevent Dental Problems with Great Oral Care?

Can You Prevent Dental Problems with Preventive Care?Do you ever wonder what more you could be doing to help protect your healthy teeth and gums? Perhaps you have struggled with dental problems in the past, and are worried that you will soon encounter oral health threats again. Whatever your motivation for learning more about preventive dental care, it is important to realize than an excellent dental hygiene and professional care routine are the best things you can do to protect your smile. So if you value your oral health, and want to maintain it, make sure you’re following your dentist’s advice for keeping your smile healthy! (more…)

Join the Fun this Fourth of July in Katy, Texas!

Enjoy the Fourth in Katy, TexasIf you are looking to celebrate the Fourth of July some place close to home, look no further than Katy, Texas, which will be hosting its annual Katy Freedom Celebration starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, July 4, 2016. The event will include an opening ceremony put on by VFW Post 9182, plus several family-friendly events and activities throughout the VFW Park, including an open house at the City of Katy Fire Station and the Katy Heritage Museum. The day’s activities will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and festivities will then resume around 9 p.m., when the city’s annual fireworks show will kick off! (more…)

Can a Dental Implant Help You Smile Confidently Again?

Can a Dental Implant Complete Your Smile?Are you embarrassed after the loss of one of your teeth? Perhaps you have an extraction scheduled, and are unsure what your smile will look like, or how it will function, after your tooth has been removed. From infection to chips, gum disease to trauma, there are a number of potential causes for either the loss of a tooth or the need for an extraction. Fortunately, modern dental prosthetics like dental implants make it possible to rebound from tooth loss confidently and comfortably. So if you are looking to complete your smile, and get back to enjoying life the way you did prior to tooth loss, talk to your dentist about the many benefits of choosing a dental implant as your prostheses. (more…)

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Smile Needs?

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Smile Needs?There are a variety of dental symptoms that can help tip you off to potential problems. From sensitivity to deep staining, there are a number of clues that you might be dealing with a dental issue. Of course, knowing you have a problem is only part of the equation to restoring your oral health. Even once you know that you need some kind of restoration, you may worry what that treatment will entail, particularly if you have been unhappy with the look or feel of previous dental restorations. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a number of nearly seamless ways to restore the smile after trauma or decay. So whether you are diagnosed with a cavity, an infection, or have other damage to your tooth or teeth, it is time to learn just how effectively your restorative dentist could help improve your comfort and your confidence, through restorative treatment like a dental crown.


Before and After – Connective Tissue Graft

Before - Connective Tissue Graft

Before – Connective Tissue Graft

After - Connective Tissue Graft

After – Connective Tissue Graft







Another very successful connective tissue graft, along with some bonding to create the smile our patient once had. She is very pleased and feels confident about her smile again!