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Is Your Smile In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Is your morning cup of coffee causing you discomfort? Have you noticed dark lines or crevices along some of your teeth? If you have noticed changes in your smile, recently, it could be indication that you are suffering from a dental problem that might require restorative dentistry. Actually, since the teeth cannot repair themselves the… Read more »

Dental Fillings: Myths Versus Facts

When you find yourself faced with the need for a dental filling to address tooth decay, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, many patients do not realize that scheduling a filling right away is essential. In fact, we find that a number of myths and confusing advice from friends have quite a lot of patients… Read more »

Fillings: A Holiday Quiz

Do you have your mind quite made up that waiting until the holidays are over is the best approach for addressing your tooth decay? Or, are you feeling frantic because you assume you should schedule a dental filling immediately but you are not certain how your tooth will feel or look after the procedure? Find… Read more »

Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Fillings

When you find out that you have a cavity, the last thing you might feel like doing in that moment is scheduling your dental filling. However, the best thing you can do in that moment? You guessed it – scheduling your filling. You see, choosing to put off restorative dentistry treatments can result in a… Read more »

Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay

Once you learn about the negative impact that plaque can have on your smile, you may find yourself feeling quite intense about keeping this sticky substance off of your teeth. After all, plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay. Remove bacteria-filled plaque from your teeth and you can pretty much cease worrying about cavity… Read more »

Your Questions About Dental Fillings

Patients who receive a diagnosis for a cavity will quickly find out that a filling is the most commonly suggested restorative treatment to repair their tooth. However, just because you know why you need a dental filling does not mean your brain isn’t going into overdrive, coming up with a long list of detailed questions… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Dental Filling?

When we diagnose you with tooth decay we will also recommend a dental filling to restore your oral health. Even though you may know deep down that it’s important to schedule your upcoming appointment sooner than later, there may be a part of you that feels a bit resistant. We often find that patients have… Read more »

What Happens If I Have A Cavity?

Did you just find out that you have a cavity? You may be wondering what will happen next and what to do to improve your comfort. Or, you may be surprised to find that you are suffering from tooth decay and don’t quite know what this means for your oral health. First things first, the… Read more »

How Fillings Help Your Smile

If you recently found out that you suffer from tooth decay and need a filling, you may have mixed emotions about your impending appointment. Even though you know addressing a cavity is probably in your best interest, you may not have a solid handle on why this restorative solution is so important to your tooth… Read more »