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Can Relaxation Protect Your Smile?

When you think about relaxing, a smile probably widens across your face and you instantly connect with the idea of feeling at peace. Have you ever given much thought to how relaxing can directly affect your oral health? If you’re a patient suffering from TMJ disorder or bruxism, you may want to consider the link… Read more »

3 Common Explanations for Teeth-Grinding

There are several different things that can threaten your dental health, but did you know that in some cases, your own teeth might be among them? Teeth-grinding, or bruxism, is an odd phenomenon, one with causes that aren’t always clear. What is known, however, is that the consequences of teeth-grinding are dire, and in most… Read more »

Sore Jaws at Morning, Better Take Warning

If you wake up in the mornings with a sore, aching jaw, shoulder pain, or headache, you might be suffering from nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This condition, known as bruxism, often occurs during periods of stress and anxiety. Of course, if a high-pressure, fast-paced lifestyle leaves you in a constant state of stress,… Read more »

How Eating the Right Foods Can Help Ease Your TMJ Pain

If you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ, you may wear an occlusal splint supplied by your dentist. While occlusal splints can help reposition the jaw so that the jaw muscles can relax, they may not be effective at relieving TMJ pain in the short term.  According to the TMJ Association, lifestyle changes, including diet modification, should… Read more »

Can Reducing Stress Improve Your Oral Health?

Sources of stress are everywhere, from looming deadlines at work to endless lines of cars on the drive home. We can even stress ourselves out at times, worrying about the fact that we’re always worrying. While incidental stress has its roots in our survival mechanism (the threat of a predatory attack triggers stress hormones and… Read more »