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What’s So Important About Routine Dental Care?

When we are growing up most of us are only told that we need to brush our teeth to prevent cavities. Of course, at a young age, that is all we really need to know, because no child wants a cavity! However, as we get older, routine dental care is about more than just cavities…. Read more »

Want Dental Implants? Stop Smoking First

As the only option that replaces your lost teeth’s roots, dental implants can provide unmatched stability and can help preserve your jawbone’s integrity after tooth loss. However, your oral health must be able to support the procedure, and if you smoke or use tobacco on a regular basis, then chances of successful dental implant placement… Read more »

When Your Dentist Recommends Dental Sedation

Every dental treatment is custom-designed to meet patients’ specific needs. In some cases, that means introducing an appropriate form of dental sedation, particularly for patients who are anxious or nervous about their dental treatment. Not everyone needs sedation, but for certain circumstances, the right medicine can prove invaluable in helping patients receive the care they… Read more »

Questions About Dental Insurance? We Can Help!

With the right combination of good hygiene and professional dental care, you can enjoy a healthy, strong, beautiful smile for life. To help make that a reality, we strive to make every step of the process easier and more convenient for patients, including the process of understanding and filing their dental insurance. If you have… Read more »

2 Oral Health Concerns You Can Handle

Do you worry about oral health problems like oral cancer and periodontal disease because you feel like you have no control over them? The truth is, even with the best preventive care, you cannot always stop every potential problem from beginning to develop. What you can do, however, is practice the best prevention possible, which… Read more »

Essential Details About Wisdom Teeth

How familiar are you with the ins and outs of wisdom teeth? More specifically, how much do you know about whether you can leave them in your mouth or if you need them removed? When it comes to dental extractions for wisdom teeth removal, we find that patients are often not so familiar with the… Read more »

Champagne Cake For 2016

Did you purchase a few too many bottles of bubbly this year and are lamenting the fact that it might go to waste? Do yourself a favor and keep the festivities going on January 1st by making a special celebratory champagne cake – after all, it’s your last good excuse until Valentine’s Day to coat… Read more »

Oaty Fruity Cookies For Holiday Time

Are you doing your best to meld the yummy, scrumptious foods of the holidays with your attention to good health? This time of year can present a serious problem in that department! Fortunately, you have an option. Consider making some “oaty fruity” cookies by following a recipe created by renowned chef, Jamie Oliver. You can… Read more »

Does Your Body Weight Affect Your Oral Health?

Recent studies and advancements in dentistry have made it apparent that your oral health can affect much more than your smile. Serious systemic illnesses have been linked to the presence of oral disease and the bacteria that initiate them. It should be no surprise, then, that maintaining a healthy mouth can help you maintain a… Read more »

Alert: Dental Insurance 2015

As the year begins, you feel you have all the time in the world to take care of your smile, both with preventive care and other services you may need for a healthy grin. Before you know it, however, you notice that holiday decorations are flocking the shelves of every store as we prepare for… Read more »