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3 Relieving Facts About Extractions

Are you preparing to show up for your dental extraction visit but you’re starting to find that a lot of thoughts are entering your brain? Perhaps the experience begins with questions about whether or not you really need your tooth removed and it evolves into you feeling extremely worried about the way the procedure will… Read more »

Essential Details About Wisdom Teeth

How familiar are you with the ins and outs of wisdom teeth? More specifically, how much do you know about whether you can leave them in your mouth or if you need them removed? When it comes to dental extractions for wisdom teeth removal, we find that patients are often not so familiar with the… Read more »

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Have you been wondering if you need wisdom teeth removal? Don’t worry – you are not the only patient who views third molars as quite a mystery. To begin your explanation, it’s important to recognize that for some people, these teeth grow in healthy. For others, the growth of these molars can become quite damaging to… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Essential Knowledge

Wisdom teeth develop in your late teens or early twenties and can cause some confusion for people who thought their teeth were done developing. This is particularly true of individuals whose new molars don’t grow in successfully. The side effects associated with teeth that need to be removed may include discomfort and other challenging symptoms. The… Read more »

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Problem Or No?

Have you noticed recently that some of your friends or family members have had their wisdom teeth out but you never seemed to develop any? If you’re thinking, “Lucky me!” to yourself while you suffer from discomfort in your mouth, it’s possible you do, in fact, have wisdom teeth – they just haven’t erupted yet…. Read more »

Test Your Wisdom Teeth Knowledge: A Quiz

You have probably heard about third molars before and may have some vague idea that people often have them removed. But how much do you know about wisdom teeth? You may know a lot or you may be surprised to find you know very little. The reason you should become familiar with these teeth that… Read more »

Why You Might Want to Extract Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or third (and final) molars, are the most commonly extracted teeth, and unlike others, they don’t need to be replaced. On the contrary, when wisdom tooth extraction is recommended, it’s because they pose a threat to your oral health, and their removal is the only way to curb the threat. Though everyone’s dental… Read more »