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How to Deal with an Emergency Toothache

In a perfect world, you would never experience a toothache. In this world, however, aching teeth are not only common; they’re a symptom that is shared by a wide variety of dental health issues. Though tooth sensitivity often starts off minor and progresses in severity, some toothaches can strike fast and without warning, such as… Read more »

I Have A Toothache, What Should I Do?

Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable and there’s something about those highly sensitive nerves in your tooth that can make a toothache a somewhat scary experience. Fortunately, we can offer you both short- and long-term solutions for minimizing your discomfort and recovering on the other side of your experience with a healthy smile. First things first, it’s… Read more »

Toothaches: Your Teeth Talk, Too

Not only can you communicate to your body to do certain things, but it can also communicate to you about what’s happening to it. For example, if you slam your finger in a car door, you’re brain is informed of the pain. The same goes for your teeth. If you have a toothache, you’ll know… Read more »

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts

A serious toothache can turn your whole world upside down. The discomfort and sensitivity can impede your ability to pay attention in class and at work. It can turn mealtime into an ordeal and prevent you from falling asleep comfortably. Any type of acute or chronic toothache should be looked at by your family dentist… Read more »

Should Your Toothache Worry You?

Like a headache, a toothache can occur for a wide variety of reasons, some of which should definitely be a worry. Unlike most headaches, however, a toothache will not usually go away with a pain reliever and a little sleep. In fact, the longer it remains, the worse your tooth’s pain will grow, and the… Read more »

Tooth Infection, or Sinus Infection?

What do when you have a toothache?  Usually, you’ll call your dentist. A thorough examination of your teeth, as well as x-rays, will help the dentist figure out what’s going on. But what happens if your oral health is in perfect order, but your toothache still persists?  As it turns out, teeth and sinuses reside… Read more »

Two Surprising Reasons Your Tooth Aches (and How You Can Halt the Hurt)

A sharp pain when you bite into your sandwich. A shooting zinger when you sip on your ice cold tea. A dull throb that lasts all afternoon. It’s an unfortunate inevitability that all of us will likely experience a toothache at some point in our lives. Untreated cavities and cracked or fractured teeth are the… Read more »

Cypress TX Dentists Explore the Cause of Your Toothache

If you have a toothache, you may be dealing with a fleeting sensitivity or your body may be trying to alert you to an oral health problem. How, then, can you determine the cause and severity of your toothache? Consult the list of causes below provided by your Cypress TX dentists, Dr. Terry Councill and… Read more »

Cypress Dentists Explain When to Seek Dental Care for a Toothache

Many people don’t think twice about a toothache, but consider this: Pain is the body’s warning system that something has gone wrong. While it is true that not all toothaches are indicators of serious problems with your oral health, there are moments when a toothache requires dental care. Below, your Cypress dentists, Dr. Terry Councill… Read more »