Missing Teeth in Cypress, TX

How Missing Teeth Affect Your Health

If you are missing one or more teeth, you know the dramatic consequences it can have on your appearance and self-confidence. However you may be unaware of the long-lasting effects on your overall oral health. Fortunately, if you are missing teeth our Cypress, TX, practice offers several advanced treatments to restore your smile and health.

Dental Alignment

Imagine your teeth like a tower of blocks. Each block helps to keep the nearby units in place. When one block is removed, the entire tower will topple. It is similar with your oral health. Each tooth helps to keep the adjacent teeth in place. When a tooth comes out, the rest of them will shift to fill in this space. Over time, your full dental arch could become severely misaligned. On top of that, the adjacent top or bottom tooth will also try to fill the gap in your smile. Eventually, that tooth could grow out of the socket. Misalignment will not only affect your appearance, it will also disrupt bite balance, and increase your risk for dental decay.

Jawbone Health

You may have noticed that long-term denture wearers have a changed facial structure. This is because healthy teeth and a healthy jawbone are directly linked. Your dental roots send important signals to the surrounding bone tissue. These tiny shock waves stimulate bone regeneration. Without those signals, your bone will start to shrink. Even a single missing tooth can cause significant jawbone recession over the course of a year.

Treatment Options

To protect your smile and jaw health, Dr. Councill and Dr. Glass offer numerous tooth replacement options. Traditional bridges and dentures can renew your dental function and repair your smile. With our careful treatment planning and fabrication process, your restoration will be comfortable and highly lifelike. However, even these beautifully crafted synthetic teeth cannot protect your jawbone health. Because implants actually replace your dental roots, they can provide the necessary regenerative signals. Dr. Councill can provide single and multiple implants. In many cases, he can even place full implant-supported dentures.

About Your Cypress Dentists:

With their shared beliefs in the power of continuing education, innovative technology, and advanced training, Dr. R. Terry Councill, Dr. Jonathan Glass, and the Councill Dental Group team possess the skill and experience to address all your dental care needs so your family can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Whether you need a checkup and cleaning, a new dental crown or filling, cosmetic smile enhancement, dental implants, or a straighter, more attractive smile with Invisalign, you can feel confident that you'll receive the very best care. Contact our Cypress dental office today at (281) 376-9246 or request and appointment online. We proudly serve individuals and families from Cypress, Houston, Spring, Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands, and the surrounding communities.