Smile Makeover Gallery

Complete Smile Transformation

With a smile makeover, Dr. R. Terry Councill and Dr. Jonathan Glass combine cosmetic and restorative dentistry to return smiles to full function and health. We can transform the appearance of your smile, and offer quality customer service. To see examples of patients who have undergone a complete smile makeover, look at our cases below. At Councill Dental Group, we offer comprehensive dentistry and advanced technology to offer patients beautiful, healthy smiles.

Case 1:  Teeth Whitening with Composite BondingWhitening- CaseStudy

Problem:  Theresa had yellow teeth and pits in the front two teeth from eating lemons.

Solution:  Dr. Councill corrected Theresa’s smile with in-office teeth whitening from KoR, and simple composite bonding, with very little drilling.  He was able to complete the procedure in less than 2 hours time. Theresa left with her home ZOOM whitening kit for touch ups without having to return to the dental office.

Case 2: Smile Makeover

SmileMakeover-CaseStudyProblem:   Bill was unhappy with the look of his smile. He was in the process of starting a new business where sales and company image were very important to him, and he didn’t want his smile to get in the way.

Solution:  Dr. Councill restored six of Bill’s teeth with dental veneers using state-of-the-art empress porcelain, resulting in a happy, confident smile!

Case 3: Implant Dentistry

ImplantDentistry-CaseStudyProblem:  Betty unfortunately lost her upper back teeth early in life and has been wearing a removable partial denture.

Solution:  Dr. Councill was able to enhance her comfort, function, and confidence with a bilateral posterior dental implant-secured prosthetic. Betty is not only thrilled with her new teeth, she now drives a sports car!

Case 4:  Gum Lift (Gum Contouring)

GumLift-CaseStudyProblem:  Bethany was unhappy with the square appearance of her teeth. Square teeth are more masculine looking; feminine teeth have more rectangular proportions.

Solution:  After one simple visit, Dr. Councill was able to surgically contour her gums (gum lifts require either surgery or a laser, depending on the amount of tissue sculpting required). With a week or two, allowing for tissue maturation, the appearance is much more feminine.  The small space present in the before and after photos can be left alone or closed with a simple bonding procedure.

Case 5:  Gum Grafting

GumGrafting-CaseStudyProblem:  After finally agreeing to orthodontics, Shelly needed (a) gum recession corrected prior to moving her teeth.

Solution:  Dr. Councill performed Shelly’s gum graft with a very simple surgical visit and one appointment using donor tissue, which reduces pain, speeds healing, and is very stable. This helped to improve her smile and complement her already pleasant appearance.

Case 6:  Cosmetic Crowns

CosmeticCrowns-CaseStudyProblem:   Lucille was unhappy with the look of her previous dental crowns.  Her original crowns had metal copings, which aren’t as strong as the ceramic copings used today.  The metal copings decreased the translucency, making them look unnatural, and a black line was visible at the edge of the crown and gum area.

Solution:  Dr. Councill improved the esthetics of Lucille’s crowns, bringing them to a near natural appearance with the latest in ceramic technology. A very strong, naturally translucent restoration was created that looks like her natural dentition. The shade of her crowns was matched using our exceptionally talented ceramist who has a very keen eye for color. This is one of the hardest types of cases to do because color matching is critical.

Case 7: Composite Fillings


Problem: The patient had old, silver fillings that stood out and did not look attractive.

Solution: Dr. Councill removed the metal fillings. He then placed composite fillings, which are metal-free and can be shaded to blend seamlessly with the tooth. The color matching ensures the teeth look beautiful, and no one can tell a filling has been placed.

Case 8: Cosmetic Dental Bonding


Problem: Kayla was not happy with the “skinny” appearance of her teeth. She was also unhappy with the gaps between her teeth.

Solution: Dr. Councill first took impressions of her teeth. During her second visit, wax mockups were created to show how her teeth would look after the cosmetic dental bonding procedure. On her third visit, Dr. Councill completed the bonding procedure to close the gaps and reshape the appearance of her teeth. The visit took about three hours and Kayla left with a stunning new smile. She hasn’t stopped smiling and now wears bright colored lipstick to draw attention to her beautiful teeth.

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